Boucherle’s Pick: Qolsys Touchscreen Control Panel

Boucherle’s Pick: Qolsys Touchscreen Control Panel

Residential security is rapidly evolving. Qolsys’ IQ Panel 2 is a great example of forward-looking technology with robust communications, including LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth technology built in to future-proof communications.

The integrated panel has built-in microphones and software for glass-break detection; 7-inch HD touchscreen panel; a built-in 5MP camera for capturing who disarmed the system and then sent to your smartphone; and Z-Wave Plus technology enabling connectivity to up to 128 smart home devices.

The Bluetooth Touchless Disarming feature connects up to five smartphones, which means you can leave your phone in your pocket and the system will disarm itself automatically. This panel also supports the new S-Line encryption pairing with door and window sensors for better security.

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IQ Panel 2 for Small Business

I love that my Qolsys IQ Panel 2 sends me disarm photos each weekday morning as my staff gets into the office. Consider the intelligence/data that a business owner/manager receives from this kind of message:

1- did my employees arrive on time?

2- what sort of mood are they in?

3- are they alone, or did they bring a friend to work today?

I can get answers to all three of these questions within seconds, just by looking at the text message I receive each day… Can you?