Blog: Smart apartments make life easy for tenants and property managers

The term “smarthome” has become main stream, with devices all over the internet claiming to make life safer, smarter, and more convenient.  As adoption increases even the smallest apartments are looking for ways to be smart, safe, and energy efficient, and there’s no better solution than the Qolsys IQ Panel.  The IQ Panel is a 7 inch easy to use touchscreen looks great on the wall and provide easy access to control all the connected devices within an apartment. These include lights, locks, thermostat, security sensors, life safety sensors, cameras and more. Continue reading

Blog: Hands free is more than just convenient, it’s sanitary.

Wherever you find yourself on the scale of sanitization, one thing is certain: There’s more cleaning than ever before. That’s why we love the Qolsys IQ Panel.  It includes a feature called “Bluetooth Disarming” which was originally designed for hands-free convenience, but in today’s new normal hands free is more than just convenient, it’s safer.  Simply pair a smartphone with the IQ Panel over Bluetooth and the system deactivates itself as soon as that phone gets in range.  In addition to disarming the security system, use smart home rules to unlock the front door, turn on lights, and resume thermostat schedules.  Now when you come home the only thing you’ll have to touch is the door handle.  Bluetooth Disarming TRULY makes less to sanitize.  

Imagine just getting home from the DMV.  To be safe, you tried not to touch anything, but there were some things you just couldn’t help, like the pen to sign the forms, the credit card machine to process the payment, the renewed license you got back from the person who verified your identity, and the paperwork and receipts you were handed at the end of your visit.  Any one of those items could have come in contact with something that could make you sick, and to be safe, you plan to wash your hands as soon as you get home.  As you approach the front door it unlocks automatically.  You touch the door handle but DON’T have to touch the keypad.  You step inside and lights turn on automatically, thermostat fires up and the security system is already disarmed.  The first thing you do after placing things on the counter is to wash hands, and then, just to be safe, perhaps sanitize the car door, the steering wheel, the controls in the car, and my door knob.  Its a lot of work, but knowing that the Qolsys IQ Panel lightened that load by making my lock, lights, and thermostat all hands free…. Its a good feeling… thanks technology!  (Alexa, buy more Clorox wipes….)  



Everyone is buzzing about the “smart home” these days aren’t they?  Maybe that’s why we’ve been as busy as bees making it a reality.  It’s more than just building a nice panel though.  Its an entire network of connected devices, and the ability to continue to add support for new devices as they are released into the market.  To make your home smarter, you’ll need to add more and more of these intelligent devices, or as we call it, “IQ.”  As you work to make your dream smart home setup, here’s a few things you should know.Continue reading



Christmas trees are a wonderful part of the holiday season, but can also be a cause of fires.  According to (the National Fire Protection Association) each year an average of 230 home fires start with a Christmas tree, causing 6 deaths, 22 injuries, and $18.3 million in damages.  You can mitigate this risk by creating a simple rule using your account and Qolsys Smart Socket.Continue reading


One of the beautiful things about having an IQ Panel with is the ability to know who is coming and going at any time. To make this possible, one needs a simple yet robust network of sensors and devices that track every day occurrences like doors opening and closing, bodies, moving, and the exact location of smartphones.  (Shameless plug: All of these devices are available as part of the IQ Solution.)Continue reading


A truly automated home is within the affordable reaches of everyday consumers, and there are more sensors and devices to make your smart home the most intelligent house on the block.  From door locks to thermostats, motion sensors to mobile device geo-fencing, the future is here.

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