News: ISC West 2018 – Qolsys Review

Qolsys Booth

Qolsys blew us away with their upcoming daughtercard for DSC PowerG Sensors. This add-on for the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 will allow Power G Sensors to be used with the system. The PowerG Sensors boast an astounding RF signal range of up to 3,000 feet in open air and roughly 2,000 feet when used indoors. The Power G lineup includes outdoor PIR motion sensors with integrated cameras, outdoor siren/strobe combos, and a door contact with a wired input for long range expansion. The sensors operate at a wireless frequency of 900 MHz, meaning that they won’t interfere with the low-band RF signals in the 300-400 MHz range for other legacy protocols such as GE/Interlogix/Qolsys (319.5MHz), 2GIG/Honeywell (345MHz), and DSC (433MHz). These sensors also offer 128-bit AES encryption so that they cannot be hacked or taken over by others. We plan to start featuring the PowerG Sensors on the Alarm Grid website sometime in the coming months.

The latest version of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 will include both a PowerG daughtercard and the choice of a legacy daughtercard. Options for the legacy card will include 345 MHz for Honeywell and 2GIG Sensors, 319.5 MHz for Qolsys and GE/Interlogix Sensors, and 433 MHz for older DSC Sensors. These legacy cards will also be made available for individual purchase under the IQCARD banner. We recommend using only one legacy card with a Qolsys System at any given time because of the potential for possible interference. The daughtercards are expected to be made available for purchase sometime this summer. That means that if you are an existing IQ2 owner, you can soon add the PowerG daugherboard to expand your wireless reach!

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