Qolsys Introduces IQ Dimmer & IQ Outlet

Z-Wave Powered Devices Solidify Qolsys Growing Position in the Smarthome Market

(November 3, 2015, San Jose, CA) – Qolsys, provider of best-in-class residential security and smarthome solutions, announced today the addition of the IQ Dimmer and IQ Outlet to its expanding portfolio of connected sensors and smart devices.

“These two devices conclude a very successful year of new product launches,” says Mike Hackett, Qolsys SVP of Sales and Marketing. “We’ve proven there is room for innovation in every room by introducing over 10 new devices that not only improve upon previous generations but are simple to install and look great in your home.”

Both the IQ Dimmer and IQ Outlet install easily by plugging into any standard wall outlet to provide control of lights, appliances, and more.  Featuring a Generation 5 Z-Wave chip for extended range, both devices act as Z-Wave repeaters, strengthening the Z-Wave mesh network, improving the speed and reliability of all Z-Wave devices installed in the home.

IQ Dimmer

The IQ Dimmer is the perfect device to control a lamp or light. It plugs into any existing electrical outlet and pairs easily with the IQ panel, giving you the ability to control remotely any light up to 2.5 amps on, off or dimmed across 99 different levels. The IQ Dimmer can turn off automatically when you leave your home, saving energy.  Additional rules like “turn on lamp when doorbell rings” or “Turn off light when security system is armed” are customizable through the user’s Alarm.com portal.

The IQ Dimmer is now available at Qolsys distributors across North America.

IQ Outlet

The IQ Outlet can turn an appliance up to 15 amps on or off, giving you the ability to automate fans, space heaters, coffee makers, and more.  Like the IQ Dimmer, it pairs easily with the IQ Panel and improves the Z-Wave mesh network functioning as a repeater.  You can create custom on/off schedules and energy saving rules that automatically turn off your appliances when you drive away from your home or arm the system.

The IQ Outlet is now available at Qolsys distributors across North America.

These devices continue Qolsys’ rollout of improved equipment to meet the increased demand from its growing dealer and distributor network.  All devices easily pair with the IQ Panel creating a robust connected home solution and continue to establish Qolsys as the leading innovator in the Security and Smarthome Market.

The IQ Panel security and smarthome solution includes support for more than 200 life safety, security and home control devices.  Its robust feature set also allows remote activation and troubleshooting of nearly every setting and feature, and its dual path connectivity ensures rapid signaling and data simultaneously across Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The IQ Panel tightly integrates with Alarm.com’s market-leading connected home services platform, supporting interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation.

Qolsys continues to demonstrate its dedication to residential security and home control by providing the most reliable and innovative platform, resulting in increased conversion, end-user satisfaction, fewer dealer truck rolls, improved customer support and decreased total cost of ownership.

Learn more at http://qolsys.com/.

About Qolsys

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Qolsys is reinventing the smarthome, security and home control market.  Qolsys is dedicated to improving the quality of life through innovation and technology by introducing the next generation life safety, security and home control platform. The IQ Panel, the first true “All-In-One” security platform, leverages a Mobile operating system and boasts several industry firsts: a 7” Touchscreen with a built-in panel camera, 6 built-in wireless radios with no external antennas, Z-Wave for home control devices, multiple languages in one SKU, two-way voice, siren, an SD Card slot, 24-hour lithium-ion battery, and interactive services powered by Alarm.com. The IQ Panel’s groundbreaking Dual-Path Connectivity enables communication over cellular and broadband WiFi channels allowing the IQ Panel to leverage Alarm.com’s industry leading platform, adding redundancy to support reliability across all connected home services while making the solution more flexible. The IQ Panel brings a level of system integration and an intuitive user experience that sets a new standard for the industry.

All in one.  Always connected.  http://Qolsys.com

Contact: Ken Arnold, Director of Communications, Qolsys 
ken.arnold@qolsys.com, 855-4-QOLSYS (476-5797)


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